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Empire Island

Bouw en verdedig je Empire Island door de eeuwen heen. Bouw je eigen bevolking om belastingen te heffen, zodat je meer kan verdienen om weer in wapens te stoppen. Kies uit 30 verschillende soorten mogelijkheden, waaronder verschillende soorten wapens, variërend van modder-ball torens en kanonnen tot geavanceerde futuristische wapens zoals lasers en raketten. Plaats als verdediging mijnen, explosieven ballonnen en Tesla coils. Bouw banken en markten om nog verder uit te breiden en groter te worden om zo inkomsten te verhogen. Roep machtige daden van God op met zoals zoals bliksem, tsunami's en vuurstormen.


Most instructions are in game. Use the mouse to navigate menus, buy and build units, select weapons and aim and shoot at the enemy. Remember this is a physics based game - your shots will arc so you need to aim carefully. Upgrade your workshop and church to unlock new weapons and Acts of God. Use Cursor Keys/WASD to scroll the screen. Several keyboard shortcuts. Eg. "R" for quick repair - tap "R" to repair the selected unit, if the selected unit doesn't need repairing, then the next most damaged unit will be selected - you can then press"R" again to repair that unit (so just keep tapping "R" to repair eveything). "U" - upgrade, "B" - open build panel, "DEL" - sell unit + many more. You will need to learn these to get the most out of the game.
  • Shooting
  • Strategy
  • Alien invasion
  • Aliens
  • Attack
  • Box2d
  • Build
  • Defence
  • Defense
  • Destroy
  • Graphs
  • Island
  • Physics
  • Shoot em up
  • Thepodge
  • Tower defence
  • Tower defense
  • Defender
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